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Guidance, Passion and Commitment

Products and services are important, but a company is only as good as its people. We pride ourselves on having individuals at all levels who have a real understanding of the medical landscape through prior work experience or from a long standing tenure with Skytron.

Call them, talk with them and you'll feel the difference.

David M. Mehney
Chief Executive Officer
Craig Wassenaar
President and Chief Financial Officer
David Straw
Chief Operating Officer
Larry Perez
VP of Technical Services
John Malnor
Chief Development Officer
Bob Sykora
VP of Sales, North America
Craig Wassenaar, President and CFO

Craig joined Skytron as CFO in 2011. Since joining Skytron’s Executive team, he has focused his efforts on the company’s continued growth and development. In 2013, Craig also became Skytron’s President and is currently responsible for its Finance, Business Development, Sales and Business Technology Services departments. As President and CFO, Craig is committed to integrity and long-term focus by ensuring that Skytron establishes effective relationships that address the unique needs of its partners.

Craig previously served as a financial executive for companies in various industries, some privately owned and others publicly traded. His experience includes 15 years with Ernst & Young, a leading CPA and business advisory firm, as well as officer roles with Gerber Products, Ameriwood Industries, Family Christian Stores and Musicland Group. Prior to joining Skytron, he most recently was the Chief Financial Officer for Fabcon Incorporated, a Minneapolis-based contractor and manufacturer of precast concrete wall panels. Craig is a graduate of Western Michigan University and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting and Finance.

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