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Guidance, Passion and Commitment

Products and services are important, but a company is only as good as its people. We pride ourselves on having individuals at all levels who have a real understanding of the medical landscape through prior work experience or from a long standing tenure with Skytron.

Call them, talk with them and you'll feel the difference.

David M. Mehney
Chief Executive Officer
Craig Wassenaar
President and Chief Financial Officer
David Straw
Chief Operating Officer
Larry Perez
VP of Technical Services
John Malnor
Chief Development Officer
Bob Sykora
VP of Sales, North America
David Staw, COO

Dave joined Skytron’s Operations and Executive team in 2010. Prior to his leadership at Skytron, Dave acquired years of executive-level experience in sales, marketing, operations and general management. Previously, Dave served as the General Manager of Operation and Product/Business Development Manager at PTC Alliance. He was also the former President of several companies including Shelti LLC, Magline Inc. and Cuyahoga Steel and Wire Company.

Dave received a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Management and Finance from Indiana University. In his spare time, Dave serves as a mentor with the Family Business Alliance of West Michigan, an organization dedicated to the growth of privately held businesses.

As Skytron’s COO, Dave manages the company’s long-standing commitment to customer service and satisfaction. He oversees all of the company’s operational functions including the Technical Services, Customer Service, Production and Shipping and Receiving departments. The processes under his direction daily advance the customer experience by ensuring that quality products and services are available to each of the company’s healthcare partners.

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