Dual, Variable-Focus 24” LED Surgical Light Fixture

The AUA55 offers the ability to control focus and intensity directly from the sterile handles. With a simple turn of a handle, the focal point is moved up or down – extending the working distance without adjusting the spot size or moving the light heads.

Featuring two 24” light heads, this configuration can be paired with booms, flat-screen displays and a camera arm – making it an adaptable solution for various specialties.


  • Focus, intensity and positioning is controlled from the center sterile handles
  • 24” (610 mm) light head diameters
  • Maximum intensity of 160,000 lux (per light head)
  • Soft, white color temperature of 4100K is ideal for deep tissue
  • Bright, white color temperature of 4500K is ideal for orthopedic procedures
  • 360° rotation on all axes for simple positioning
  • 110° vertical travel for hip, OB-GYN and urology procedures
  • CRI of 96
  • Learn more about what makes the AUA55 unique: True Focus Control, Vertically Segmented Reflector Design (VSRD), Hybrid LED Technology, Lightweight Maneuverability


  • Camera-ready (Precision HD camera system sold separately)
  • Flat-screen display arm(s)
  • Extended arms
  • Extended hub for laminar flow
  • Integrate with boom
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