Dual, Variable-Focus 24”LED Surgical Light Fixture

The AUT55 features dual LED light heads with a 24” diameter. Intensity, focus and positioning are controlled directly from the center sterile handle, allowing you to comfortably achieve the visibility you need for every procedure. With its unique Vertically Segmented Reflector Design (VSRD), each LED’s beam is split into overlapping rays. The result is a clear, homogenous spot that reduces shadows and delivers consistent clarity.

Featuring the latest advancements in LED surgical light technology and energy-efficient LEDs rated for 40,000 hours of operation, this light will help your OR achieve a higher standard of healthcare.


  • 24” (610 mm) light head diameter
  • Intensity is 284,000 lux (4100K) or 256,800 lux (4500K)
  • Color temperature is selectable via the wall control (4100K and 4500K)
  • Achieves precise color representation with CRI and R9 of 96
  • 360° rotation
  • 110° vertical travel
  • Integrate with display arms or Skytron booms
  • 35.25”/27.5” radial arms are standard; extended arms are available
  • Learn more about what makes the AUT55 unique: Vertically Segmented Reflector Design (VSRD), True Focus Control, Hybrid LED Technology, Lightweight Maneuverability
  • Available models:
  • Standard: AUT55
    With Camera-Ready Light Head (camera sold separately): AUT55TV
    With Lightweight Flat Screen Arm(s): LFSAUT55, LFSAUT55TV, LFSLFSAUT55, LFSLFSAUT55TV
    With Extended Arm(s): AUT55-895/700 (35.25”/27.5” radial arms), AUT55TV-1285/1090 (51”/44” radial arms), AUT55TV-895/700 (camera ready; 35.25”/27.5” radial arms), AUT55TV-1285/1090 (camera ready; 51”/44” radial arms), AUT55C-2000/1500 (78.75”/59” radial arms), AUT55C-1500/1300 (60”/51” radial arms), AUT55TVC-2000/1500 (camera ready; 78.75”/59” radial arms), AUT55TVC-1500/1300 (camera ready; 60”/51” radial arms)
    With Extended Hub: AUT55TVC-1500/1300, AUT55H-1090/895, AUT55TVH-1090/895, AUT55H-2000/1500, AUT55H-1500/1300, AUT55TVH-2000/1500, AUT55TVH-1500/1300
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