Setting the Standard for Sterile Processing

The Skytron Flex is an ultrasonic washer disinfector designed specifically for robotic, cannulated and non-cannulated surgical instruments. The Skytron Flex offers an efficient, convenient and automated way to process medical devices and under 40 minutes using ultrasonic-approved trays. With the largest capacity on the market for ultrasonic washer disinfectors, the Flex is built for busy and growing medical centers. The process is both simple, yet thorough.

Expect more with Flex

  • Load up to 125 lbs of instrumentation (usually 4-5 trays)
  • Choose either a cannulated or non-cannulated cycle depending on the instruments
  • Press start and watch the automated system soak, sonic, flush, clean, disinfect and rinse with ozonated water

Regardless if you need help processing orthopedics, robotics, laparoscopic or general instrumentation, the Flex is the perfect addition to your CSPD to process equipment faster than ever before.

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